Hull 2020 Champions

The Hull 2020 Champions is an NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) initiative designed to support community groups, individuals and volunteers to create a healthier Hull. By the year 2020 we aim to have a Champion on every street in Hull, inspiring and empowering their family, friends, neighbours and community to be happy and healthy.

The Champions launched in 2014 with the Coltman Street Lavendar Project. Simon Kelsey of the Coltman Street Residents’ Association (pictured) had the simple idea of planting lavender along the street to transform the area and bring neighbours together.

NHS Hull CCG helped with the purchase of lavender bushes, as part of a pledge to support and empower communities to come forward with their own ideas to help build a better future for people living in Hull.

Speaking at the time, Emma Latimer, NHS Hull CCG Chief Officer said:

“Simon’s idea that –You don’t need to move to a better area, working together we can make our area better – positively affirms our vision of making a better future together. This is the first of a number of innovative community-led projects we will be supporting through the Hull 2020 Champions. We want to celebrate the work happening in communities to improve health and wellbeing.”

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