Where can I find out more?

Our 12 week public consultation has now ended. We would like to thank everyone who completed a questionnaire or attended our public meetings.

We will report findings via this site shortly. You can still view the consultation document here for information but please note that the consultation has now closed.

Frequently asked questions

Q1       Why has this site in east Hull been selected?

East Hull has the highest level of admissions to hospitals, which includes unplanned emergency admissions and admissions for a stroke, fall or fracture. Whilst the use of existing health buildings was carefully considered, no existing building has sufficient capacity to accommodate the type of development needed for this innovative approach to delivering health and social care. 

The site offers good access, flexibility and capacity for the proposed new facility, alongside a development being planned by Pickering and Ferens Housing Association for 54 bungalows on the site. The association is a specialist at providing housing for older people and additional care should people need it.

Q2       Will the Integrated Care Centre have beds?

The majority of patients will be seen and treated on a day assessment basis and will be accommodated in comfortable treatment chairs which recline and can be used for a number of medical treatments during their time at the centre.

The centre may have some bed capacity for very short stays, for example overnight; but people would not be admitted for a long stay. 

Q3       How is the Integrated Care Centre different from a health centre?

The Integrated Care Centre will have services that are more specialised than a health centre, including diagnostic services like ultrasound and x-ray, which would not usually be found in a health centre.

Q4       How is the Integrated Care Centre different from a community/cottage hospital?

Although there are similarities with a community hospital in that GPs can refer patients in directly, people won’t stay in the Integrated Care Centre like they do in a hospital. The services within the Centre will work together to provide the right support people need to help them get back to their own home, or their care home, as soon as possible.

The new centre will focus on reducing the length of time older people spend in hospital by acting like a stepping stone between hospital and home. There will be support services and rehabilitation services so that people don’t have to keep going back to the hospital following treatment.

Q5       What consideration has been given to traffic movement in and around the site?

We know this is an important issue for residents. A traffic survey/review is being undertaken by Hull City Council to gather detailed information to inform the planning application for the development.