How we make decisions

Information about how the CCG makes decisions will be made available here as it is produced.  If the information you require is not available here please see how you can make a Freedom of Information request to obtain the information here.

Information about the governing structure of the CCGs decision making can be found in the NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group’s Constitution


The CCG Board Meetings

The CCG Board meets in public on a bi-monthly basis. It is responsible for agreeing and overseeing delivery of NHS Hull CCG’s priorities. It makes sure the CCG works effectively, efficiently and economically.

Meeting dates, agendas and board papers click here

The following meetings are regularly reported on at the Board Meetings and the minutes of them are published within the Board Papers:

  • Quality and Performance Committee
    Responsible for the monitoring and reporting on the quality and performance of the CCG and service providers commissioned by the CCG.

  • Planning and Commissioning Committee
    Responsible for ensuring the planning, commissioning and procurement of commissioning-related business is in line with the CCG organisational objectives.

  • Integrated Audit and Governance
    Responsible for providing assurance to the CCG Board on the processes operating within the organisation
    for risk, control and governance. It assesses the adequacy of assurances that are available with respect to financial, corporate, clinical and information governance.


Primary Care Joint Commissioning Committee

The Primary Care Co-Commissioning Committee has been established to enable the members to make collective decisions on the review, planning and procurement of primary care services in Hull under delegated authority from NHS England. Details of the Committee and copies of the minutes are available on the CCG website here.


Communications and Engagement Strategy

The Communications and Engagement Strategy for NHS Hull CCG provides a framework for all our communication and engagement activities over the next three years.  The strategy is available on the CCG website here.


Engagement Activity

The CCG want patients and the public to influence the delivery of local NHS services and feeding back their experiences. The CCG works with Healthwatch, the replacement body for Local Involvement Networks (LINks), to continue developing high quality services which meet local needs.

For information regarding how we engage with patients and public, details of planned engagement activities and questionnaires, click here