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Our consultation has now closed. Our feedback report is available here

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Why have you chosen to base the urgent care centre at Bransholme Health Centre?

Bransholme Health Centre is a modern, purpose-built health facility offering ample ground floor clinical space and capacity for 24 hour, 7 day services and x-ray facilities in the community. It is currently well-used with good transport, parking and access within a central location for people in the north and east of the city.

2. When will the changes take place?

If the outcome of the public consultation it to establish a 24 hour urgent care centre we would expect the changes to be in place by 1 April 2017. There will be no reduction in the number staff or service capacity during this period of mobilisation.

3. Why can’t the minor injuries service continue to be provided at the Freedom Centre?

The minor injuries service at the Freedom Centre is open between 9 am – 5pm Monday to Friday only. We have an opportunity to enhance urgent care services in Hull if minor injuries services are based together on one site operating over 24 hours, offering access to diagnostic services like x-ray.

X-ray facilities cannot be provided at the Freedom Centre. To be able to operate urgent care over a 24 hour basis we need to move staff to support this, therefore it would not be possible to maintain an MIU at the Freedom Centre.

We also want to explore the possibility of developing an alternative health resource focused on the needs of children and families at the Freedom Centre in the future and would welcome ideas from the community about this.

4. Why are you proposing to move the GP out-of-hours service away from Diadem Health Centre?

We do not have enough GPs to provide a full out-of-hours service from both the Diadem and Bransholme Health Centre sites. A new urgent care centre at Bransholme will provide the extra GP hours needed to be able to operate an out-of-hours service integrated with other urgent care services over 24 hours, 7 days a week. Locating all the services together on one site will provide more consistency in terms of operating hours.

5. How will I get to the new Urgent Care Centre?

Bransholme Health Centre is well-served by public transport, although survey findings suggest that the majority of people make their own transport arrangements for urgent treatment at MIUs and out of hours GPs. People will be able to ring the 24 hour reception for directions if needed.

6. Will ambulances use the urgent care centre?

Whilst there is a need to use ambulances for transporting some patients to and from the urgent care centre. These patients would not normally be in a life threatening condition. Therefore there should be limited need for a 999 response using blue lights and sirens. In the unlikely event that someone does attend with a life threatening condition we would call 999 as appropriate.

7. Will there be more traffic and noise around the urgent care centre in Bransholme?

There may be an increase in the activity at Bransholme Health Centre which would increase traffic using this facility. However as the Health Centre is surrounded by shops and car parks with a very good road system we do not anticipate increased disruption and noise for local residents.

8. Will I get turned away at accident and emergency (A&E) and sent to Bransholme if my illness or injury isn’t an emergency?

No, but information about alternative urgent care services that could be used in future will be provided. We will widely publicise new urgent care services once they are in place.

9. Will I be seen by a doctor or a nurse practitioner at the urgent care centre?

Patients will be seen by specialist medical staff experienced in the management of minor injuries and illnesses, which can include doctors or Urgent Care Practitioners.

10. Will staff at the urgent care centre be able to apply plaster casts to fractures or will I have to go to A&E?

The staff can apply casts to patients for fractures. Patients will not have to attend A&E for simple fractures.

11. Will I be safe visiting the urgent care centre through the night for GP out-of-hours services?

There will be a security presence throughout the 24 hour period with CCTV covering all aspects of the building and car-parks.

12. Can people living in the west of Hull use the urgent care centre?

Yes, the urgent care centre is able to treat anyone with an injury or illness that need immediate care, but is not serious enough to require an accident and emergency visit. This includes visitors and people living outside the Hull area.

13. Will GP out-of-hours services at Westbourne Avenue be affected by the consultation?

The GP out-of-hours service based at Westbourne Avenue is not part of this consultation. People will continue to be directed by NHS 111 to local GP out of hours services based on clinical need.

14. Will GP out-of-hours opening times change?

No. The GP out-of-hours service will continue to operate in the same way between 6.30pm and 8am the following day and all weekend and bank holiday periods. People who need access to a GP for a medical problem that cannot wait until the next day will continue to access this service through NHS 111.

15. Are other services at Diadem Health Centre and Bransholme Health Centre affected by the development of the urgent care centre?

No, the GP practice and other services operating from the Diadem Health Centre are not affected by the proposals. The existing GP services at Bransholme Health Centre are not affected by the proposed development of the urgent care centre.

16. Will the GP walk-in centre at Story Street be affected by this consultation?

No, this service is not part of the consultation. Registered and non-registered patients are still able to use this service without an appointment.

17. How can I find out more?

If you have questions that have not been answered here then you can contact us by e-mail at: