Children and Young People's mental health and wellbeing


CAMHS crisis response team 01482 335600

 The Child Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) crisis team covers Hull and the East Riding and operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This service is for young people (under 18) who are experiencing emotional distress and are struggling to cope.

The team responds to a young person’s immediate care needs offering specialist short-term help in the community. We will stay involved until there is a resolution of the immediate crisis (usually within 72 hours).

Transforming services for young people in Hull

The CCG's vision is for children and young people in Hull who have mental health issues to have access to timely, integrated, multi-disciplinary mental health services which will ensure effective assessment, treatment and support for them and their families.

We aim to build emotional resilience in children and young people in Hull, to enable them to respond to life’s challenges, and to ensure that they are supported by the right person, at the right time. We want children and young people to know how and where they can access support when they need it. Our aim is to reduce reliance on specialist services and to provide enhanced early intervention and support.

In October 2014 there were 49,205 children and young people aged 5-19 registered to a Hull GP. Of this registered population it is estimated that 4,295 children and young people aged 5-16 have a mental health disorder, based on 2004 prevalence estimates (National Child & Maternal Health Intelligence Network).

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