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Warts and verrucas

Warts are small, rough non-cancerous lumps. They often develop on the skin of the hands and feet.
Symptoms of warts and verrucas
Warts are not usually painful but some types, such as verrucas, may hurt. Occasionally, warts can also itch or bleed.
Causes of warts and verrucas
Warts are caused by certain strains of the human papilloma virus. The virus is present in the skin cells of a wart.
Treating warts and verrucas
Warts usually clear up without treatment. However, it can sometimes take up to two years for the HPV virus to leave your system and for warts to disappear.
Preventing warts and verrucas
To prevent getting warts, avoid skin-to-skin contact with other people’s warts and do not share towels, flannels or other personal items with them.
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