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Urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infections are very common. They can be painful and uncomfortable, but usually pass within a few days or can be easily treated with a course of antibiotics.
Symptoms of urinary tract infections
The symptoms of a lower urinary tract infection (UTI) include: cloudy urine, and a need to urinate more frequently, either during the day, or night, or both.
Causes of a urinary tract infections
Most urinary tract infections (UTIs) are caused by bacteria that live in the digestive system. It is thought that the bacteria can be spread via the anus.
Diagnosing a urinary tract infection
If you are a woman and you have the typical symptoms of a lower UTI, further testing is not usually required to confirm the diagnosis.
Treating a urinary tract infection
Your recommended treatment plan will depend on whether you have a lower or an upper urinary tract infection (UTI). A lower UTI can usually be treated at home.
Complications of a urinary tract infection
UTI complications are uncommon but they can be serious. They usually only affect people with a pre-existing health condition or weakened immune system.
Preventing a urinary tract infection
Not all urinary tract infections (UTIs) can be prevented, but there are some steps you can take to reduce your risk of developing an infection.