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Thalassaemia is a group of inherited blood disorders where the part of the blood known as haemoglobin is abnormal.
Symptoms of thalassaemia
Most babies born with beta thalassaemia will not show any symptoms until they are around six months old.
Causes of thalassaemia
The series of genetic mutations associated with thalassaemia are likely to have survived because carriers of thalassaemia are protected against malaria.
Diagnosing thalassaemia
Thalassaemia can be diagnosed using a blood test. Further DNA testing of the blood may be required so that the exact type of thalassaemia can be determined.
Treating thalassaemia
Treatment for beta thalassaemia major (BTM) is a lifelong process which requires many different specialists to manage the complications of the condition.
Complications of thalassaemia
One of the most challenging aspects of living with and treating beta thalassaemia major (BTM) is the number of possible complications that can occur.