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A stroke is a serious medical condition that occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off.
Symptoms and signs of stroke
If you suspect that you or someone else is having a stroke, phone 999 immediately and ask for an ambulance.
Causes of stroke
Stroke is a largely preventable condition. Many of the risks can be reduced by making lifestyle changes.
Diagnosing stroke
Strokes are usually diagnosed by studying images of the brain (brain imaging) and carrying out physical tests.
Treating stroke
Effective treatment of stroke has been found to prevent long-term disability and save lives.
Recovering from stroke
The damage caused by a stroke can be widespread and long-lasting. Many people need a long period of rehabilitation before recovering their former independence.
Preventing stroke
The best way to prevent a stroke is to eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and avoid smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol.
Complications of stroke
There are some complications that can arise as a result of a stroke, many of which are potentially life threatening.
'We call ourselves stroke survivors, not patients - that's very important'
Jim Whyte was forced to give up work after suffering a stroke 10 years ago, but he’s proved that there is life after stroke.
'Everyday was a new challenge'
Having a stroke on the first day of his summer holiday was the last thing Stephen Harnet expected, especially as he was a healthy 32-year-old at the time
'I'm sure the doctors thought I wouldn't get better, let alone run a marathon'
David Diston, 61, runs a Salvation Army hostel in Swindon. He had a major stroke that left him paralysed down his right side and unable
'I was just 26 and had my whole life ahead of me'
Manjit Bains was just 26 when he had a stroke. Determination, support from his family and friends and rehabilitation helped him get his life
“Doctors said I had had a massive stroke.”
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