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A squint is a condition where the eyes point in different directions.
Symptoms to look for
The most obvious sign of a squint is when both eyes do not look in the same direction.
Causes of squint
The exact causes of a squint is not always known. In most cases, babies are born with a squint or develop one because of a problem with their vision.
Diagnosing a squint
Squints are often detected in children during routine eye checks.
Treating a squint
Most squints require treatment and this should be carried out as soon as possible.
Having surgery for a squint
If other treatments are unsuccessful, surgery may be needed to correct a squint.
'Holly's recovery has been superb'
Johnny Farmer describes how his daughter, Holly, was diagnosed with a squint and talks about the operation and treatment that helped cure it.
'The difference to Georgia's eyes since surgery is amazing'
Georgia Bennett, from Catford, had surgery to correct a squint. Both Georgia and her father, Daniel, were delighted with the results.
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See what your doctor sees, find out what is happening with your Squint treatment and what the next steps might be.