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Sprains and strains are a very common type of injury that affect the muscles and ligaments.
Symptoms of sprains and strains
The symptoms of a sprain or strain depend on how severe the injury is. They often include pain, swelling and tenderness.
Causes of sprains and strains
The main causes of sprains and strains are sporting activities or accidents that involve a fall or a collision.
Diagnosing sprains and strains
When diagnosing a strain or sprain, your GP will ask how you injured yourself and perform a physical examination. In severe cases an X-ray may be needed.
Treating sprains and strains
Most mild to moderate sprains and strains can often be treated at home using self-care techniques. Painkillers can also be used to ease pain.
Complications of sprains and strains
Complications of a sprain or strain can include a fracture, dislocation or muscle and tendon injuries that need treatment in hospital.
Preventing sprains and strains
There are several ways you can help to prevent sprains and strains such warming up properly before exercising and wearing suitable footwear.
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