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Small bowel transplant

A small bowel (intestinal) transplant is an operation to replace a diseased or shortened small bowel with a healthy bowel from a donor.
When a small bowel transplant is needed
A small bowel transplant may be considered for people with bowel failure who develop complications from total parenteral nutrition (TPN).
How to prepare for a small bowel transplant
If you are being considered for a small bowel transplant, you will be referred for a transplant assessment which includes blood and imaging tests.
How a small bowel transplant is performed
There may be different types of transplant surgery recommended depending on the cause of your bowel failure. In some cases, a small bowel transplant, combined liver and small bowel transplant or multivisceral (multiple organ) transplant may be recommended.
Risks of a small bowel transplant
As with all surgery, there are risks when having a small bowel transplant including blood clots, infection and the donor organ being rejected.
Recovering from a small bowel transplant
Immediately after the transplant you will be taken to the intensive care unit and carefully monitored to check that your body is accepting the new organ.
'He'd defied all the odds stacked against him'
Few boys have faced as many trials as 10-year-old Aaron Gray. He received a liver and small bowel transplant when he was just three and has also had two heart