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Roundworms are parasites that can infest the digestive tract and cause ascariasis. Find out more, including symptoms of roundworm infection and how to treat roundworm
Symptoms of a roundworm infection
A roundworm infection usually only produces symptoms if the number of roundworms present in your body increases dramatically (this is known as a heavy worm
Causes of a roundworm infection
A roundworm infection begins when you swallow roundworm eggs. You can come into contact with the egss in food, water, or soil.
Diagnosing a roundworm infection
Roundworm can be diagnosed by taking a stool sample, and checking it for the presence of eggs. As roundworm is a relatively rare condition in the UK, a stool
Treating a roundworm infection
A medicine called mebendazole is recommended for treating roundworm infections in all children and adults over the age of one year.
Preventing a roundworm infection
In order to prevent the spread of roundworm infection, you should always wash your hands thoroughly: after using the toilet