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Renal transplant

Donating a kidney
Unlike many other types of organ donation, it is possible to donate a kidney while you are alive because you only need one kidney to survive.
A kidney transplant is the transfer of a healthy kidney from one person (the donor) into the body of a person who has little or no kidney function (the recipient).
Waiting for a kidney transplant
Ideally, a kidney transplant should be performed when testing shows the extent of damage to your kidneys is so great that you will require dialysis within six months.
How a kidney transplant is performed
When a suitable donor kidney is found, the transplant centre will contact you.
Risks of a kidney transplant
Although rates of serious complications have fallen sharply in the last few decades, kidney transplants - like any other type of surgery - are not risk free.
Living with a kidney transplant
The lifestyle advice below is usually recommended if you have had a kidney transplant.
'I was a bag of emotions, both thrilled and terrified'
Former diabetic Ivy Ashworth-Crees talks about how much better her life is since her double kidney and pancreas transplant.
'The whole experience has changed my outlook on life'
When Dr Carole Angel donated a kidney to her brother, Paul Whitaker, she was able to go home just 48 hours after surgery
'I had finally got my life back'
Double kidney transplant recipient Riminder Dosanjh spent four years waiting for a transplant with no kidneys in her body at all.