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Parvovirus B19

Slapped cheek syndrome (also known as “fifth disease” or erythema infectiosum) is a type of viral infection that is most common in children, although it can affect anyone of any age.
Symptoms of slapped cheek syndrome
The symptoms of slapped cheek syndrome usually begin in the first couple of weeks after your child is exposed to the parvovirus B19 virus.
Causes of slapped cheek syndrome
Slapped cheek syndrome is caused by parvovirus B19, which can spread in the same way as the common cold.
Treating slapped cheek syndrome
For most people, the infection is usually a mild illness, which quickly passes without the need for treatment
Complications of slapped cheek syndrome
Slapped cheek syndrome can cause complications during pregnancy, or if you have a blood abnormality such as sickle cell anaemia.
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