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Painkillers, paracetamol

Everything you need to know about paracetamol, including its uses and side effects, and guidance on children and paracetamol.
Types of paracetamol products
Paracetamol is sold under various brand names, and is available as tablets, capsules and liquid medicine.
Special considerations
Paracetamol should be used with caution by those with kidney or liver problems, and those with alcohol dependance. Paracetamol has been routinely used in women who are pregnant.
Side effects of paracetamol
Learn about the rare side effects of paracetamol, including a rash and blood disorders, and liver or kidney damage resulting from an overdose.
Interactions with other medicines
Find out which other medicines can interact with paracetamol when taken at the same time, and the risks involved.
Missed or extra doses of paracetamol
Always take paracetamol as directed on the packet or patient information leaflet that comes with the medicine, or as directed by your GP or pharmacist.
See what the doctor sees with Map of Medicine
See what your doctor sees, find out what is happening with your treatment and what the next steps might be.