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Pacemaker implantation

Pacemaker implantation is a procedure to put a small device called a pacemaker into your chest to help keep your heart beating regularly.
Why pacemakers are used
Pacemakers are sometimes recommended for people with conditions that cause the heart to beat abnormally.
How a pacemaker is fitted
Before having a pacemaker fitted, you are likely to have a pre-operative assessment. The team looking after you will check that you are fit for surgery.
Recovering from pacemaker implantation FAQs
You will usually be able to go home one or two days after having a pacemaker implanted. Find out more about recovering after a pacemaker implantation.
Risks of pacemaker implantation
As with any medical or surgical procedure, pacemaker implantation has risks as well as benefits. Some of the main risks are described below.