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Organ donation

Organ donation is where a person offers their organs for transplant. Their organs are given to someone who has damaged organs that need to be replaced.
What organs can be donated
Organ donation can lead to life-saving transplants or improve a person's health and quality of life. It is also possible to donate tissue.
Living organ donation
The shortage of organs has led to more people receiving organs from living donors. The results are often very successful.
How organ donation works
The NHS Organ Donor Register is a confidential national database that holds the details of people who want to donate their organs after their death.
'It's rewarding to know he helped some other little lad to live'
Maggie Sherwin’s young son, Dilan, died after he was involved in a road accident. But as she and her husband Simon came to terms with losing Dilan, they decided their son's death should not be in vain.
'Stephen had spoken of his wish to donate'
Stephen Masters, 32, died of a brain haemorrhage in January 2001. The decision to allow his organs to be donated was made less heartrending for his family because they knew what Stephen would have wanted.
'Peter and I were very close and we had discussed organ donation'
Nurses Peter Knight and Jan Thompson fell in love at Dorset County Hospital near Dorchester and shared their lives for a few short, blissfully happy years.