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Obesity is a term used to describe somebody who is very overweight with a high degree of body fat.
Symptoms of obesity
Obesity causes day-to-day problems such as breathlessness and increased sweating. Long-term problems caused by obesity include stroke and depression.
Causes of obesity
Obesity does not just happen overnight – it develops gradually from poor diet and lifestyle choices.
Diagnosing obesity
Body mass index (BMI) is currently used as the most accurate and reliable way of measuring how overweight you are
Treating obesity
If you are obese and you want help to lose weight, ask your GP for advice.
Surgery for obesity
Access to weight loss surgery is limited on the NHS
Complications of obesity
Being obese can lead to a number of serious health problems, as well as shorten your life expectancy.
Preventing obesity
The best way to prevent becoming overweight, or obese, is by eating healthily and exercising regularly.
'Life is so much better at a healthy weight'
Husband and wife Brendan and Debbie Byrne lost a combined total of 9st 6lb by binning takeaways in favour of a healthy diet.  
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