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Mastocytosis is a rare condition caused by excessive amounts of mast cells gathering in body tissues. These cells release large amounts of histamine and other chemicals into the blood, causing symptoms such as a skin rash, itchy skin and hot flushes.
Symptoms of mastocytosis
Mastocytosis causes a wide range of symptoms which can vary depending on whether you have cutaneous or systemic mastocytosis.
Causes of mastocytosis
The cause (or causes) of mastocytosis are uncertain, although genetic mutations are known to be involved.
Diagnosing mastocytosis
Cutaneous mastocytosis can be diagnosed by your GP examining your skin. Systemic mastocytosis can be diagnosed by using one of five tests.
Treating mastocytosis
The treatment options for mastocytosis depend on which type you have, and how severe your symptoms are.