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Leukoplakia is a white patch that develops in the mouth. The condition is usually painless, but is closely linked to an increased risk of mouth cancer.
Symptoms of leukoplakia
The main feature of leukoplakia is the appearance of a white patch in the mouth that cannot be scrubbed off.
Causes of leukoplakia
The exact cause of leukoplakia is unknown but it may develop as a result of substances irritating the tissue inside the mouth.
Treating leukoplakia
Treating leukoplakia is important as it should reduce your risk of developing mouth cancer.
Diagnosing leukoplakia
Your dentist should be able to diagnosis leukoplakia by examining the patches on the inside of your mouth.
Preventing leukoplakia
Find out how to reduce the risk of developing leukoplakia, including avoiding using any form of tobacco or drinking too much alcohol.