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Leukaemia, acute myeloid

Leukaemia is cancer of the white blood cells. Symptoms include pale skin, tiredness, breathlessness and repeated infections over a short space of time.
Symptoms of acute myeloid leukaemia
Most of the symptoms of acute leukaemia are caused by the lack of healthy blood cells in your blood supply. Symptoms usually begin slowly before rapidly
Causes of acute myeloid leukaemia
Acute leukaemia begins with an alteration to the structure of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) that is found in the stem cells that are responsible for producing
Diagnosing acute myeloid leukaemia
In the initial stages of diagnosing acute leukaemia, your GP will check for physical signs of the condition, such as swollen glands. They will also arrange
Treating acute myeloid leukaemia
As acute leukaemia is an aggressive condition that develops rapidly, treatment will usually begin a few days after a diagnosis has been made. Due to the often
Complications of acute myeloid leukaemia
Having a weakened immune system is a common complication of acute leukaemia. The medical term for having a weakened immune system is immunocompromised. Even