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Laryngitis is inflammation of the larynx (voice box). In most cases, it will get better without treatment in about a week.
Symptoms of laryngitis
Symptoms of laryngitis can begin suddenly and usually get worse over a period or two to three days.
Causes of laryngitis
Laryngitis occurs when the larynx (voice box) becomes irritated and inflamed (swollen). It is mostly caused by an infection or damage to the larynx.
Diagnosing laryngitis
Laryngitis will often get better without treatment, so you don't usually need to see your GP unless you have particularly severe or long-lasting symptoms.
Treating laryngitis
In most cases, laryngitis gets better within a week without treatment.
Preventing laryngitis
As laryngitis is often caused by common viral infections, such as cold and flu, it is not always possible to prevent it.