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Implants (breast)

Breast implant surgery is the most common cosmetic procedure to be carried out on women in the UK.
Why breast implants might be necessary
You may have a number of reasons for wanting breast implants. Many women are simply unhappy about the size or shape of their breasts.
When breast implants should be considered
Breast implants should only be considered by women who have taken medical advice from a qualified cosmetic surgeon.
Types of breast implant
If you are considering having breast implants, the first step is to discuss it with your GP.
How breast implant surgery is performed
If you are considering breast implant surgery, the first step is to discuss it with your GP.
Results of breast implant surgery
Following surgery, most women are pleased with the appearance of their breasts.
Recovering after surgery
Following breast implant surgery, your breasts may be painful, swollen and bruised. These symptoms may persist for a few weeks.
Complications of breast implants
Breast implant surgery is a common procedure and the risk of developing complications is relatively low.
Women concerned about French-made PIP breast implants can find all the latest NHS information about the issue on these pages.
Warning signs of a ruptured PIP implant
It's important to be aware of the signs that your PIP implant may have ruptured, and to know what to do.
What are my rights?
There is currently not enough evidence to recommend early removal of PIP implants.
Safety and regulation
PIP implants are twice as likely to rupture or leak silicone than other implants. However, there seems to be no risk of dangerous toxic effects in the event of a rupture.
Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions about PIP breast implants, plus links to other useful resources.
Further reading
Further reading about PIP breast implants.