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Rabies is a very serious viral infection that targets the brain and nervous system. It is spread to humans through the saliva of infected animals.
Symptoms of rabies
The initial symptoms of rabies are mild, but they can quickly become more serious.
Causes of rabies
The rabies virus belongs to a group of viruses that exist in mammals called lyssaviruses. It is transmitted through infected saliva.
Diagnosing rabies
If rabies is suspected, treatment should begin before a diagnosis is confirmed.
Treating rabies
Treatment for rabies will depend on whether you have started to show signs or symptoms.
Rabies vaccination
A vaccination that offers protection against rabies is recommended for people who are felt to be at risk.
Brierlie's story
Brierlie Godfrey, an Australian actress living in London, was bitten by a wild monkey while on holiday in Morocco.