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Urticaria (also known as hives, welts or nettle rash) is a raised, itchy rash that appears on the skin. It can be limited to one section of the body or spread across large areas of the body.
Symptoms of urticaria
The main symptom of urticaria is a red, raised itchy rash. The rash is made up of raised marks in the skin that are known as weals (also known as hives).
Causes of urticaria
Urticaria results fromĀ the release of histamine and other chemicals from under the skin's surface. This causes inflammation (swelling) of the tissues.
Treating urticaria
Most cases of urticaria will not need to be treated as the symptoms are mild and the condition often gets better on its own within a few days.
Complications of urticaria
Around half of people with chronic (persistent) urticaria and a quarter of people with acute (short-term) urticaria also get a related condition called angioedema.
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