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Hip replacement

Information from the NHS about hip replacements, including why and how it is done, the risks and your choices, with links to other useful resources.
When a hip replacement is necessary
Read NHS information about why a hip replacement is done, who might need one and how long waiting times for hip operations are.
Alternatives to hip replacement
Read NHS information about alternatives to hip replacement, including pain relief, disease-modifying medications and hip resurfacing.
Preparing for the operation
Read advice from the NHS about preparing for a hip replacement operation.
How a hip replacement is performed
Read information from the NHS about what happens during a hip replacement or hip resurfacing operation, with details of minimally invasive hip replacement surgery and choosing a prosthesis.
Recovering from hip replacement
Read NHS information about recovering from a hip replacement operation, including how long it takes to get up and about after surgery, looking after your new hip, leaving hospital, advice for returning home and more.
Risks of hip replacement surgery
Read NHS information about complications of hip replacement operations, including loosening of the joint, hip dislocation, wear and tear, and joint stiffening.
Latest metal-on-metal hip implant advice
Advice from the NHS on metal-on-metal hip implants, including what to do if you're concerned about your implant and warning signs to look out for.
'It's amazing what your body can do'
Builder Norman Lane, 63, hasn’t stopped running since he had a double hip replacement. He talks about his operation and why he would advise anyone to do it.
See what the doctor sees with Map of Medicine
See what your doctor sees, find out what is happening with your Hip Replacement treatment and what the next steps might be.