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Heart-lung transplant

During a heart-lung transplant, a person's diseased heart and lungs are replaced with the heart and lungs of a recently deceased donor.
Who is suitable for a heart-lung transplant
As a result of the lack of available donor organs, transplant teams have to assess potential recipients very carefully.
How a heart-lung transplant is performed
After a donated heart and lungs becomes available, your transplant team will contact you to arrange transport to take you to the transplant centre.
Recovering from a heart-lung transplant
Following your heart-lung transplant, it is likely that you will have to stay in an intensive care unit (ICU) for a few days.
Risks of a heart-lung transplant
One of the biggest risks after having a heart-lung transplant is that, despite taking immunosuppressants, your body will reject the new heart and lungs.