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Giardiasis (gee-ar-dye-a-sis) is an infection of the digestive system caused by tiny parasites called Giardia intestinalis.
Symptoms of giardiasis
The symptoms of giardiasis usually begin 4-10 days after a giardiasis infection has occurred, but they can appear up to three weeks later.
Causes of giardiasis
Giardiasis is caused by microscopic parasites known as Giardia intestinalis. The parasites live in the intestines of humans and animals.
Treating giardiasis
Giardiasis can usually be successfully treated with medicines that kill the parasites responsible for the infection.
Preventing giardiasis
Giardiasis can often be prevented by practising good hygiene and taking some common-sense precautions.
'My advice to travellers is to watch what you eat and drink'
Stuart Cole caught giardia while on holiday in South America.