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Epidermolysis bullosa (EB)

Epidermolysis bullosa (EB) is a general term used to describe a group of rare, inherited skin disorders that cause the skin to become very fragile.
Symptoms of epidermolysis bullosa
The symptoms of epidermolysis bullosa (EB) can vary in severity, ranging from mild to life-threatening.
Causes of epidermolysis bullosa
Epidermolysis bullosa (EB) is caused by an inherited genetic mutation that makes the skin more fragile.
Diagnosing epidermolysis bullosa
Epidermolysis bullosa (EB) is usually diagnosed in babies and children.
Treating epidermolysis bullosa
There is currently no cure for epidermolysis bullosa (EB), but treatment can help to ease and control the symptoms.
'We're determined to give her the best life possible'
Kayla Grant is six and has epidermolysis bullosa (EB). Her skin is so fragile that she cannot be hugged. Her friends and family call her the butterfly girl.