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Down's syndrome

Down's syndrome (Down syndrome) is a genetic condition that typically causes some level of learning disability and a characteristic range of physical features.
Characteristics of Down's syndrome
Down's syndrome can affect a person in many different ways and each individual will experience different social and healthcare needs.
Causes of Down's syndrome
Down's syndrome is a genetic condition that occurs as a result of an extra chromosome (chromosome 21).
Diagnosing Down's syndrome
Antenatal screening and testing can detect the likelihood of a baby being born with Down's syndrome. However, the condition is often diagnosed after birth.
Treating Down's syndrome
There is no "cure" for Down's syndrome, but there are many things that can be done to help someone with the condition lead a healthy, more independent life.
Complications of Down's syndrome
Some children with Down's syndrome have very few health problems as a result of their condition. Others will need extra medical care and attention.
'I'm going to celebrate what she can achieve'
Richard Davis's daughter, Victoria, is seven. He talks about the impact Down's syndrome has had on Victoria and family life.
'She's brought an awful lot of fun into our house'
Emily, now 18, was born with Down's syndrome. Her mum, Sarah, talks about the health issues they faced and Emily's life today.