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Dengue is a common viral infection spread by mosquitoes. It is widespread in tropical and sub-tropical regions.
Symptoms of dengue
Symptoms usually begin with the sudden onset of a high temperature (fever), which can reach as high as 40C (104F).
Causes of dengue
Dengue is spread by infected mosquitoes, usually the Aedes aegypti and albopictus varieties.
Treating dengue
There is currently no cure for dengue, so treatment involves trying to relieve your symptoms while the infection runs its course.
Complications of dengue
In rare cases, a person with dengue goes on to develop a more serious and potentially life-threatening form of the condition, known as severe dengue.
Preventing dengue
There is no vaccine to prevent dengue. The best way to prevent getting the disease is to avoid being bitten by an infected mosquito.
'I wouldn't want to repeat the experience of having dengue'
Hugh Wilson didn’t know anything about dengue until he came down with the illness on holiday in Thailand “I never seemed to get bitten while I was