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Cornea transplant

A cornea transplant is an operation used to remove all or part of a damaged cornea and replace it with healthy cornea tissue from the eye of a suitable donor.
Why cornea transplants are used
Cornea transplants are usually performed to correct problems with your eyesight caused by certain medical conditions.
How cornea transplants are performed
There are a number of different types of cornea transplant procedure, depending on the areas of the cornea that need to be replaced.
Risks of a cornea transplant
As with all types of surgery, there are several risks and possible complications involved with having a cornea transplant.
After cornea transplant surgery
It's important to take good care of your eye after a cornea transplant to help ensure a good recovery and reduce the risk of complications.
'It was fantastic being able to see again. It was magical'
Paul Rigg says that getting his sight back after a cornea transplant was like waking up after a long sleep.
'When the stitches came out, it was an absolute miracle'
Don Short, 80, from East Sussex, couldn't read a book or newspaper and was unable to watch TV until he had a cornea graft.