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Cataracts, childhood

Cataracts are cloudy patches in the lens of the eye that can make vision blurred or misty. They most commonly develop in adults but some babies are born with them.
Symptoms of cataracts in children
Symptoms of childhood cataracts can vary depending on how cloudy the lens is, where the cloudiness is in the lens and whether one or both eyes are affected.
Causes of cataracts in children
There are a number of different reasons why a child may be born with cataracts or develop them while they are still young.
Diagnosing cataracts in children
It is important childhood cataracts are diagnosed as early as possible, because early treatment can significantly reduce the risk of long term vision problems.
Treating cataracts in children
The treatment options for childhood cataracts largely depend on how significantly your child's vision is affected.
Complications of childhood cataract surgery
Although cataract surgery is usually very successful, some children may experience complications which need further treatment.