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Cataract surgery

Cataract surgery is a procedure used to treat cataracts that are affecting your daily activities.
When you need cataract surgery
Cataract surgery is usually offered on the NHS if you have cataracts that are affecting your ability to carry out your daily activities.
How it is performed
Before having cataract surgery, you will be referred to a specialist eye doctor (an ophthalmologist or ophthalmic surgeon) for an assessment.
Recovering from cataract surgery
You can usually go home on the same day you have cataract surgery, although you will need to arrange for someone to collect you and take you home.
Risks of cataract surgery
The risk of serious complications as a result of cataract surgery is very low. Most common complications are treatable and don't have a long-term impact on your vision.
'My eyesight is incredible. I can see brilliant colours again'
Brenda Alworth had two cataract operations, with the second four years after the first.
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