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A boil is a red, painful lump on the skin that develops at the site of an infected hair follicle. They are also called furuncles.
Symptoms of boils and carbuncles
Boils and carbuncles begin as swollen and painful red lumps on the skin, before increasing in size over the following few days.
Causes of boils and carbuncles
Most boils and carbuncles develop when the hair follicles in your skin become infected with bacteria.
Diagnosing boils and carbuncles
Your GP will usually be able to diagnose a boil or carbuncle by examining it.
Treating boils and carbuncles
Most boils get better without the need for medical treatment and can be successfully treated at home.
Complications of boils and carbuncles
Although most boils do not cause further problems, this is not always the case.
Preventing boils and carbuncles
It's not always possible to prevent getting a boil or carbuncle, but some simple steps can reduce your risk of developing the condition.