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Brain injury

Severe head injuries require immediate medical attention because there is a risk of potentially serious damage to the brain.
Symptoms of a severe head injury
If a severe head injury is not correctly treated, it can cause serious brain damage.
Diagnosing a severe head injury
Someone with a severe head injury should always be seen in an emergency department.
Treating a severe head injury
A severe head injury must always be treated in hospital to minimise the risk of complications.
Recovering from a severe head injury
When your doctor discharges you from hospital, they will give you advice to help your recovery when you return home.
Complications of a severe head injury
Severe head injuries can cause serious complications. This is mainly because a serious injury can damage the brain, sometimes permanently.
Preventing a severe head injury
Many head injuries are the result of accidents that are difficult to predict or avoid. However, there are some ways to reduce your risk.
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See what your doctor sees, find out what is happening with your Severe head injury treatment and what the next steps might be.