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Brain abscess

A brain abscess is a pus-filled swelling in the brain caused by an infection. It is a rare and life-threatening condition.
Symptoms of a brain abscess
The symptoms of a brain abscess include headache, mental confusion and problems with nerve function, such as muscle weakness
Causes of a brain abscess
A brain abscess is usually caused by infection with either bacteria or fungi. Your immune system creates the abscess as a defence mechanism.
Diagnosing a brain abscess
If a brain abscess is suspected, the diagnosis can be confirmed using a brain scan.
Treating a brain abscess
Treatment for a brain abscess will depend on the size and number of brain abscesses present. A brain abscess is a medical emergency, so you will need treatment in hospital until your condition is stable.
Complications of a brain abscess
Complications of a brain abscess can include recurrence, brain damage, severe meningitis and epilepsy (seizures).