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Bone cancer (sarcoma)

Primary bone cancer (sarcoma) is a tumour that starts growing inside a bone. Common types of bone cancer include osteosarcoma and ewing's sarcoma.
Symptoms of bone cancer
Bone pain is the most common symptom of bone cancer. The pain is often worst at night. See your GP if you or your child experience persistent bone pain.
Causes of bone cancer
Fast-growing bones are more vulnerable to bone cancer which is why the majority of cases develop in teenagers who experience a growth spurt during puberty.
Diagnosing bone cancer
Tests for bone cancer include blood tests, X-rays and a biopsy.
Treatment for bone cancer
If you are diagnosed with bone cancer, it is likely that you will be referred to a specialist centre with experience in treating bone cancer.
'It never crossed my mind that I might not survive'
Carol Starkey, 20, from Bromsgrove, Worcs, was diagnosed with bone cancer in her shoulder only three weeks after she started reading biology at university.
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