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Bird flu

Bird flu, or avian flu, is an infectious viral illness that spreads among birds. In rare cases it can affect humans.
Symptoms of bird flu
The symptoms of bird flu (avian flu) in humans are similar to those of other types of flu.
How bird flu spreads
It's possible for humans to catch bird flu (avian flu) after coming into close contact with live infected birds.
Diagnosing bird flu
To date there have been no cases of people with bird flu (avian flu) in the UK. However, plans are in place to manage any suspected cases that may arise.
Treating avian flu
People who have suspected symptoms of bird flu (avian flu) will be advised to stay at home or will be cared for in hospital in isolation from other patients.
Preventing bird flu
As the bird flu (avian flu) virus is carried by birds, it is very difficult to prevent it spreading.