Time to get support to stop smoking and get your life back says Dr James Moult



Hull CCG Board member and local GP Dr James Moult has got behind the Stoptober campaign - which aims to encourage smokers to kick the habit for good this October!

“I see smokers every day and speaking to them gives me a valuable insight into why it is hard to break the habit. I recognise that people have to be ready to quit and it may take a while, even when they are ready, to be in a position to stop.

“Most smokers know the health benefits of giving up, but I think the reason why some of them smoke is because of stress. For example, people may feel that a cigarette helps to relieve stress or tension. In reality they are just deferring the stress rather than dealing it.

“The financial benefits alone are a very powerful reason to quit. For instance, if you stop smoking right now, you’ll have money towards Christmas. With three months to go a heavy smoker who quits could save a few hundred pounds.

“Often people say that it is not until a loved one falls ill or dies of a smoking related illness that they become aware of its impact – but why should they wait until then? I feel very strongly because on a daily basis I see patients with smoking related diseases and I can tell you they're struggling to cope at times.

“GPs are in a good position to talk to people about local stop smoking services to support them to take the first step. National campaigns like Stoptober are also an opportunity to reflect and say – ‘I want to get my control back’, ‘I want some more money for Christmas or a holiday’ and ‘I want to avoid putting my family through the trauma of seeing me get ill’.”

“So I say to any smoker - now is the perfect time to stop. Regain that self-control, get support and get your life back.”

If you would like to stop smoking there are a lot of ways to get help:

Call 0800 3247 111

Text OCTHULL to 61825

Vist www.readytostopsmoking.co.uk

Facebook The Hull Stop Smoking Service

Tweet @WilmaWillpower

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