New dementia diagnosis screening tool rolls out in Hull GP Practices



NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group launches a new easy-to-use iPad-based dementia assessment tool in 43 GP practices in Hull today - following a successful pilot study earlier this year. 


Cantab Mobile is a medical software device designed to give a quick and accurate assessment of a patient’s memory. It is the first ever rapid, objectively scored touchscreen assessment to differentiate between patients with memory loss due to early signs of Alzheimer’s and other dementias, and normal age-related forgetfulness. The tool has been shown to offer greater sensitivity and specificity for clinically-relevant symptoms compared to traditional, more widely used paper-based assessments.

The device gives GP practices the opportunity to offer their patients a screening test which can identify a potential cognitive impairment, helping to detect the earliest signs of clinically-relevant memory problems and enabling patients to receive the best care possible.

Julia Mizon, Director of Commissioning and Partnerships at NHS Hull CCG said:

“We know that early identification and dementia diagnosis rates in Hull are low compared with other areas, and we want to support local GP practices to significantly increase the number of people receiving a diagnosis by 2015.

“The Cantab Mobile screening tool tested very positively in GP practices during pilot. The technology is simple to use, and allows GPs to make informed decisions about their patients, and more efficient referrals into hospital, community or social care.

“For the CCG, early diagnosis is absolutely critical as it gives patients, and their carers, better support, and much more opportunity to take an active part in their on-going healthcare.”


About Cantab Mobile

Cantab Mobile is an iPad-based test from Cambridge Cognition allowing clinicians to improve assessment rates of those at risk of dementia, without needing additional resources.  The test more accurately detects the earliest signs of clinically-relevant memory problems, thus enabling more timely and informed referrals into secondary care.

Tests are simple to set up and use, typically taking around seven to ten minutes to complete; an audio soundtrack available in 20 languages talks patients through each step – no reading or writing is required; and results are automatically scored and recorded with a full audit trail.  In addition, test results are automatically adjusted for a patient’s age, gender and education in line with NICE recommendations.  To date over 10,000 NHS patients have been assessed with Cantab Mobile across 30 CCGs. For more information see


Notes to Editors:

- NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is led by a membership of 57 local GP practices. The CCG has a budget of around £362m to commission hospital, community and mental health services to meet the needs of the people of Hull.

- Our vision is to Create a Healthier Hull, and to achieve this we work in close collaboration with our partners to improve health, reduce health inequality and secure excellent services for all the communities in Hull.


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