Inspirational stroke rehabilitation with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra



This morning Sam Barlow, CCG Commissioning manager, was lucky enough to attend one of the local inspirational 'Music and Health: Stroke Rehabilitation Project' sessions. The project brings together members of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO) and Hull Integrated Community Stroke Service to offer pioneering stroke rehabilitation through music.

Speaking of the session Sam said:

“It was incredibly moving to see the stroke patients and RPO members work together; it brought me to tears. This project pioneers the use of music to benefit health and wellbeing and today I’ve been fortunate enough to see first-hand how patients can benefit from this type of innovative rehabilitation.”

The group have been working with stroke therapists and the RPO towards a number of rehabilitation goals including, improved arm and hand movement, memory skills and mood.

A live performance showcasing the original music created during the programme will take place on Thursday 1 October 2015 at Hull City Hall.

Stroke patients living in Hull, who would like to get involved in the project or would like further information, are encouraged to contact Carol Hargreaves at Hull Integrated Community Stroke Service on

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