Consultation on Public Health Nursing - have your say


Hull City Council and local NHS organisations are currently seeking views on Public health nursing services in Hull. 

The consultation focuses on public health nursing services in Hull – those traditionally provided by health visitors and school nurses for all children and young people, from pregnancy and birth, through to19 years of age and in addition how we can improve oral (teeth and mouth) health.

We would like your views to help shape the future design of health services for children and young people (CYP) in Hull; this will help to make sure that these services deliver what is needed in the future.

Services for children and young people in Hull are provided by many different organisations. This includes the NHS – hospitals, GP surgeries and health centres, health visitors; Hull City Council – schools, social care, dentists, youth services, children's centres; the voluntary sector – child care, support groups for children and parents. All of these services need to work well together so that children, young people and their families get the right service at the right time, to keep them healthy.

For more information about the services currently provided, and why change is needed please click here

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The consultation is open until Monday 3rd August 

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