Celebration event for children involved in HeadStart Hull YouTube launch



As part of the Big Lottery Fund’s HeadStart project a group of young people from Bridgeview Whitehouse Medical Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) will this week be celebrating the premiere of a film which they have created especially for young people in Hull. The film, ‘Fitting In’, will be the first of a number of videos made locally by young people, for young people to premiere on the new HeadStart YouTube channel.

The YouTube channel, aims to provide children and young people in Hull with information, advice and awareness around emotional wellbeing and resilience, and forms just one stream of work being undertaken as part of HeadStart Hull.

HeadStart Hull, a joint NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Hull City Council and partner project which is funded by the Big Lottery Fund, aims to provide 10 – 14 year olds with the skills they need to be emotionally resilient and to tackle the pressures of modern life, such as bullying and peer pressure.

Wednesday 8 July 2015 will see the premiere of the film with a special celebration event for the young people involved. It will also mark the official launch of the HeadStart YouTube channel which aims to use film to help children and young people tackle the pressures of modern life, such as bullying, the pressures of ‘fitting in’ and use of social media.

Over recent weeks the young people at Bridgeview Whitehouse Medical PRU have been working to produce the film which looks at the pressures of fitting in. Working with HeadStart Hull and Cut Ltd, the young people have produced the film from storyboard through to final cut.

Further to this, once officially launched, the HeadStart YouTube channel will grow over the coming months as more children and young people in the city are supported in creating their own videos for their peers.

The videos and YouTube channel form just one piece of the ‘digital’ work being undertaken as part of the wider HeadStart Hull project. Previously, HeadStart Hull has campaigned across social media to promote online safety messages, funded an innovative online app for children and young people and promoted mindfulness as part of mental health awareness week.


Notes to Editors:

  • Hull is one of only 12 areas in England to have received funding from the Big Lottery Fund.
  • HeadStart Hull is a delivered by a partnership of agencies including the Hull CCG, Hull City Council, local schools, Humber NHS Foundation Trust and voluntary and community sector partners, including Cornerhouse and Child Dynamix.
  • HeadStart Hull forms part of the Big Lottery Fund's £75 million HeadStart project, aimed at improving the mental health and resilience of children aged 10-14.
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