CCG secures Ennerdale Swimming Pool's future to March 2015


Partners funding means Ennerdale will remain open for another year

Hull City Council has today welcomed the news that Hull Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has agreed to allocate funding so that the pools at Ennerdale Leisure Centre can remain open for a further year.

Hull Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) will work with the Council around its consultation about the proposal to close the two pools at Ennerdale, and has decided to allocate £219,000 of funding to allow the facilities to remain open until March 2015.

This decision means the Council, in conjunction with the CCG, has further time to consider leisure provision in the city.

Dr Dan Roper, Interim Chair of NHS Hull CCG, said:

"The CCG's vision is to create a healthier Hull and so we're pleased to be in a position to secure the Ennerdale swimming facilities up to March 2015.

"Even moderate physical activity helps prevent a huge range of both physical and mental health issues and swimming is one of the best all round forms of exercise.

"The extra time afforded by the decision of the CCG gives us, as local GPs, the opportunity in the Health and Wellbeing Board to work over the coming months with Hull City Council colleagues to consider how to get best for Hull residents from a co-ordinated approach to health and leisure services."

Leader of the Council, Councillor Stephen Brady said:

"Many of the services we deliver have an impact on health outcomes and I am delighted that funding from the CCG means the pools can remain open for a further year.

"The Health and Wellbeing Board, which includes representatives from both the Council and the CCG, was set up earlier this year to ensure a multi-agency approach to the delivery of services and to work together towards the overall health and wellbeing aims for the city. By working together we will get the best for residents."

Councillor Terry Geraghty, Portfolio Holder for Leisure, culture, events and public wellbeing said:

"It is great news for residents that we can keep Ennerdale pools open for a further year. Whilst closing the pools was not a decision we want to make, we have to make tough decisions given the significant reduction in Council funding.

"I would like to thank Hull CCG for funding the facilities for the forthcoming year, so that there is more time to consider options available to the city."

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